Orphan's Smile

Orphans: They don't need our sympathy. They need our support...

Cinetaria National Film Festival in association with Peddigari Foundation (an NGO Organisation) is jointly organizing a special activity Orphan's Smile for the benefit of Orphans, who are living in orphanage homes in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states.

Orphan's Smile will smile the orphans

The Orphan's Smile program is designed to Educate, Entertain & Encourage Orphans from daily routine activities to day-end entertainment of watching movies together at the Cinetaria National Film Festival at a nearby film theater.

At the Orphan's Smile program, orphans will participate and they will perform their talents along with other students at various platforms. Orphans and regular student jointly will participate at Pickning and they will participate at various activities, incusve of Walking, Plantation Drive, Painting, Singing, Dancing, Knowledge Test, Sports and so many.

The Orphan's Smile activity passes the message and builds the confidence in orphans, that they are not alone.